Friday, March 25, 2011

Kenya's Wyre features Jamaica's Cecile on the She Say Dat remix

The Jamdown concert was excellent and the bad Gyal Cecile stole the hearts of Kenyans. She also performed a track with Kenyan Wyre da Love Child.Check their remix vedio on Jacinent

Some of the lyrics - Cecile: Straight to the point, bad gyal want some; ... I don't care who you came here with, but I know, Mr. Wyre, me you're leaving with; Came here with a 5, you're going home with a 10, now say bye bye to your ex-girlfriend, me say that; Wyre - She came straight to me; told me love child you better conversate with me (she say dat); she told me bear with me; but mi can't carry on without you and me (she say dat); ... Me never see a bad gyal like Cecile, nobody hot like she, like she

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